What Can I Live Stream?


When it comes to streaming, the opportunities are endless.


From lectures or seminars, to speeches & announcements. From conferences & training to meetings & debates. From exhibitions & demonstrations, to tournaments or competitions. From awards, launches & performances to sports, music or festivals.


These are just some of the events that can benefit from live streaming!

Couldn't I just live stream from  my phone?

Of course it’s possible to live stream your event through public social media platforms just by filming on your phone, and for some situations this may be enough.


However, by using multi-angle, high quality cameras and specialist equipment, we’re able to capture and edit your event and to stream a professional and quality live broadcast production that cannot be achieved with a smartphone.


Ultimately, a professional live stream is essential for many events to achieve the content, engagement and message that you want to put out there.

How does live streaming work?

We set up and film your event using high quality cameras.


These cameras are fed through to specialist equipment which allows us 'switches' your shots - selects the best angle and  to produce a polished and professional production of your event.


The carefully produced footage of your event is then live streamed via the internet to broadcast online. All of this happens simultaneously, so your audience can watch events unfold in real time.

Can I keep the live stream private?

There are many different reasons for live streaming and for some, if the content you create is valuable or confidential, you may not want to broadcast it to the general public online. It's possible to host a private stream  or a password protected stream.

Can I charge people to view my stream?

Yes, we can arrange this and it would ideally suit fitness or yoga instructors. 

Will my live stream still be available after the live broadcast?

Yes, once your live stream is finished, the content will still be available for viewers to watch online for as long as you wish. Live streaming is a great way to attract traffic and engagement, giving your video content a head start for comments, likes and even SEO ranking.


What's more, we'll provide you with a back-up recording of the stream so you'll have the footage for future use. We can even turn your stream footage into additional content such as promo videos, social clips or highlight reels for you to use elsewhere.